5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Special


Make Your Wedding Day Special

The ritual of marriage is essential for every man and woman as it binds them to a lifetime pledge.

A couple vows to spend their entire life together. A wedding ceremony is supposed to be the display of a couple’s commitment and promises to the public. So there, the importance of wedding ceremony elevates to its maximum level

How do you make your wedding day special?

Everyone wants their wedding day special and memorable one for the rest of their lives. There are always the smallest details that make that day remarkable and extraordinary. So we have compiled a list of wedding ideas that really make your day a special for you and your loved ones.

Make your wedding day special with the perfect wedding attire

Since both you and your to-be-wife would be the VVIP on the day, every eye will set on you, so you people need to give some extra attention to your attire.

Honestly speaking, you will be the celebrities of the occasion. Quality and fitting of the wedding attire should be your top most priority.

For the bride: for warm weather, a bride should give priority to the linen, organdy fabric whereas, for winter, brocade and velvet fabric should be her choice for a perfect looking.

For bridegroom: in the day, a groom can wear formal shirts, jackets, formal trousers, Suit with a tie or a tuxedo can be worn with all accessories in the evening.

Furthermore, the color of the ensemble should pair with the couple’s attire.

1. Venue


How to make your wedding unique and unforgettable? One of the unconventional wedding ideas is that you should pick a wedding venue that has beautiful crystal chandeliers that must accolade your wedding design.

In order to give your reception a visual interest and glamorous touch, you should give importance to the theme of the venue, color, pattern, and design. Your venue should reflect your appearance.

Secondly, Lighting plays an important role in the venue. You just need to hire professional lighting experts.

2. Greet your guests

This is one of the unique wedding ideas.

You need to greet each and every guest. They must have taken out time for you. They got ready for you. You need to spend 2 minutes to each table.

This will show your respect for them. So your guest should not think about you that you haven’t given the proper time.  

3. Event coverage

Photography and movie making is a fundamental part of the wedding ceremony. Every moment of your wedding is special and it is meant to be captured. Photos are something that will be looked at by your offspring to come. So in order to make your wedding day special, you need to hire a professional wedding photo and videographer.

4. Wedding dinner

Your guests are very special people that will arrive on your occasion. No matter how cool the atmosphere is, how nice the music too, but if the food is not good, people will talk bad.

So in order to make your wedding day special, you need to make it sure that all your guests are fed adequately. One of the best wedding ideas is to include versatile food items for your guests on your menu. Furthermore, your dessert should be delicious. Scientific study reveals that sweet leaves a good impact on the mood of people.

5. Adieu to your guest

In the end, you need to express your gratitude towards your guests. Say thanks to everyone for coming with a smile on your face and doing their bit to make your wedding day special. Expressing gratitude to them is one of the simple things that will make your wedding even more memorable.

Follow these little things that will make your wedding day special.

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