Indicators of Online Infidelity to Look out for


Indicators of Online Infidelity to Look out for

Romantic relationships can be tricky. No one wants to believe that their partner would cheat on them, however, it does happen, often.

A recent study has revealed that 90% of people have been cheated on, and that most people find out of their partner’s infidelity through at least one form of technology.

The easiest indicators of infidelity related to technology:

  1. Texting history
  2. Call history
  3. Social media activity
  4. Internet history

Technology plays a large role in infidelity

Trust is important in any relationship. Discovering one’s infidelity not through a partner’s mouth but rather through their phone/computer can diminish any sense of trust that your relationship once had.

If you feel like you cannot trust your partner you need to ask yourself if you believe that they are capable of infidelity. Marriage is special and such feelings should not be taken lightly.

If you do think that your spouse is cheating based on behavior and circumstance, the clearest indication of their infidelity would be their phones and computers.

Here are the most common ways that people use technology to catch their spouse cheating- and how you can use these techniques to determine whether or not your spouse is being unfaithful.

1. Texting history

The study found that 36% of people found out their partner was cheating by checking their verified texting history.

If your spouse is texting at all hours and hiding their phone from you, it may be a sign that they are texting someone that they are romantically involved with.

Texting has become the easiest way for people to connect with their affair partners. It is easy to enter into lengthy and intimate conversations with someone other than your spouse while texting.

Texting allows affair partners to communicate in ways that they could not do in person.

Texting gives affair partners the opportunity to send each other racy pictures, say things that they may not have the courage to say in person and talk to each other even more often so that intimacy can develop quickly and easily.

How to catch your partner cheating through text message

With apps that spy on text messages, recovering deleted text messages, reverse phone lookup websites, and late night texts that you can view while your partner is sleeping, looking at your partner’s text messages is an easy way to determine if they are cheating.

Use one or more of the techniques above to see if you can determine if your spouse is being unfaithful.

2. Call history

The study found that 34% of people found their partner was cheating by checking their verified cell phone call history.

Calling an affair partner on the phone is another way for cheaters to connect with one another when they can’t see them face to face.

If you think that your partner is calling their affair partner on the phone, the signs are similar to if they are texting their affair partner. They will be secretive with their phone, they will exit the room to make calls and they may be video calling them (vs. sending pictures if texting).

How to catch your spouse cheating through call history

Your spouse is probably smart enough to delete the call history associated with their affair partner.

They might even be smart enough to make calls on apps instead of right through their phone app and even change their affair partner’s name on their phone so that when they call it comes up as “Mary from human resources.”

Cheaters use this tactic so that when their affair partner calls, they have the excuse to leave the room stating that is a call from work.

The best way to catch your spouse cheating through their call history is by:

  1. Checking their phone call history
  2. Checking their phone bill
  3. Using a reverse phone lookup to lookup numbers that are called frequently and/or numbers that have long conversations
  4. Downloading a cell phone spy app

3. Social media activity

Social media activity

The study found that 29% of people discovered that their partner was cheating via social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Social media sites such as Facebook plays a central role in modern infidelity.

On average, adults spend 116 minutes a day on social media websites alone.

Social media sites are breeding grounds for cheaters to communicate and meet one another.

What’s worse, social media sites are perfect places to look for “back burners” (people that can be worthy for future affairs).

How to catch a spouse cheating through social media

As in all other instances check your spouse’s behavior. If they are on social media more often, are secretive on their phone and delete social media history (such as all of their search history is deleted or you catch them deleting messages on Facebook messenger)) this is a sign that they are cheating.

One of the most tell-tale ways to catch someone cheating is by logging into their Facebook account and downloading all of their activity, which you can learn how to do by clicking here.

You can also search any known usernames that your spouse has on Google to see if they have any secret social media accounts. Additionally, you can check for any hidden accounts by performing a deep web search on them through a people search website.

Finally, if you haven’t been able to find anything, try making a fake Facebook profile of someone your spouse would be attracted to and send a message to your spouse to see if they reply and/or hide the message from you.

4. Internet history

The study found that 21% of people discover their partner is cheating via internet history.

The internet is a great way to positively connect with one another- but it is also a portal for cheaters and other negative people to do dirty deeds.

The internet is an obvious way to meet and maintain relationships, especially for cheaters. With hookup sites designed for married men and women to meet each other, x-rated visuals, videos and live camming, the internet is a ways for someone to cheat on their spouse in a matter of seconds.

How to catch a spouse cheating through internet history

Cheating spouses often go online for multiple reasons. You can certainly catch them by installing either hardware or software keyloggers.

If that doesn’t work, if you don’t have the cash to install the hardware or if that sounds too complicated for you, you can also create free and fake profiles on dating websites.

You of all people should know what type of person your spouse would find attractive, so create the bait and then either play the waiting game or send a message to their old dating profile that they say is “inactive”.

Start slow and ask them basic questions. If they respond, slowly try to get to know them. Hopefully they will ask you to back off right away or before things get too far.

However, if your spouse is a cheater they will probably respond positively. If you get to the point where you can really take things far, perhaps you can try to turn the conversation sexual and see how they react.

If at all possible, try to get your spouses phone number. This is a good way to see if your spouse has secret prepaid cell phones that they use for cheating.

If you find out that your spouse is cheating…

It’s up to you and your partner on where to go from there. Statistics show that 64% of people stay with the partner that cheated on them, but 86% also say that the cheating affected the level of trust that they have with their partner. Source: National Cellular Directory

Despite your decision, my suggestion would be to talk to someone about your experience that is impartial and take time to heal.

Additionally, if your partner is being forceful in trying to get back together and you aren’t ready or don’t want to, don’t let them try to convince you to change your mind.

Final thoughts

In a perfect world your partner wouldn’t cheat. At the very least, they would be honest with you if they did make a mistake.

However, that’s not always how things end up. Often when someone thinks that their partner is cheating (and has good reason to believe so) confrontation will just lead to denial.

That goes to say that in most cases, unless you have hard evidence of your partner’s infidelity, chances are that all of your accusations will be denied.

Therefore it is important for you to do your own research and find out whether or not your spouse cheating without ever giving any indication that you are suspicious. Use the above ways to determine if there are acts of infidelity and if you do find something,

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